Flowers and Poetry

I think we all need a passion in life, or soon we become nothing more then autonomous that go daily through life, repeating the same thing day after day, not change, just the same old dreary existence on a daily bases.

I have found to put a stop to this, and to add a little excitement and color to my life, I fell in love with poetry when I was in my thirties trying to figure out a terrible relationship I was in.  This then sprouted into inspirations coming to me from all directions. Now I do nothing but write poems on napkins, back of receipts, and stuff them in my pockets. Many go through the washer and are lost for ever, while others make it into print and all can share the emotions of the moment with me.

Later I suffered a injury that changed my life, I went from owning businesses, working 70 to 80 hour weeks to in a instant not being able to walk without a walker and a lot of pain. To keep myself occupied I started to dig up my yard and started planting. Now I have a yard so full of flowers my wife tells me I have to tell her where I am going to put a flower before I can buy it.

Join with me and let us all explore our love for both flowers and the joy of poetry. We will link, follow each other and share in our joy, suffering, success, and tragedies together!

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