The loss of control in our lives

I was starting to do research in how the internet works, and was both disturbed and surprised by what I found. I will admit that I am a internet Junkie, the ability to jump on my computer, type in anything that I am curious about, and instantly have access to information is both a wonderful and almost a addictive thing. But then found out something that disturbed me, that what I was getting when I search is not the same thing that the person next to me is getting. Today it is not us who decides what material we get, and who we reach, but rather it is a digital algorithm that decides this. We have all our information controlled not by us, but by a program that takes certain perimeters and then shows us what it thinks we should be interested in. This bothers me, I want to know what you know, what to get a perspective that you have, so I can then take my perspective, look at both, and see if mine is something I am comfortable in, or should I change, am I closed minded, and could a different outlook help me grow.

Take at look at this, it really bothered me, and hopefully it will bother you too. Together maybe we can take control back and decide what we wish to see, not what a computer decides.

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