Come close my friend and allow me to introduce myself and tell you my name,

After I come into your life, I promise you will never again be the same,

I will caress you, say sweat things, and whisper in your ear,

I will at first energize you, and pick you up, and make you feel like you have nothing to fear.

I will guard you as a jealous lover, as I move to make you all mine,

As you get to know me, your taste will wish for better, I’m like a fine wine.

Others may tell you I’m addictive, but you have control, it’s just a lie,

Come on my friend, what can it hurt to give me one try.

What you will find out later, is I just want to catch you in my web,

For my nectar you will have the endless hunger, it will never ebb,

I will bring you excitement, as you live on the edge,

Just don’t look closely, you will find yourself on top of a high-rise with one foot over the ledge.

Once you are all mine, I will control you, consuming all in my wake,

In the end all that you have will be mine to take.

I will take all you have until you’re just an empty shell,

And then I will stay around just to make your life a living hell.

In the end, you will cry out for an end to this torment and strife,

That is when I will whisper in your ear, ‘let me help you, give up your life’.

I start off seemingly innocent, but in the end I’ll take all that is pure, righteous and sane.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is COCAINE!

Copyright ã 2006, Tim Benton

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