Personally written poems

Travel through Time

What would I do if I could travel through time at will?

Would I save the ones I lost, or to spend more time with them make time stand still?

Would I grab the ones I lost, go back to when they were babies, just to hold them again?

Or go to the day I lost them, would I jump in the middle, tell them stop, I couldn’t handle the loss again?


My grandmother, would I go back, to tell her I love her, just to get one more hug, and that smile,

Or would I go back to my nephew, go find him, tell him to come back, even if I looked senile.

What about the losses of my wife had when she was just a child, a loss to help her heal,

Would I go back to find the one she lost, tell him to get help, and how would he feel.


If I could wipe out the pain, would we be the same, having not experience what we had,

Would we be different, never knowing the loss, the ripping of our hearts, in a state so sad?

Could it take away the one we love, change events so we would have never have met?

I know I will sit on my hands if it meant I would lose the boy I love, my son, this you can bet.


What if I knew my parent would be gone, or a sibling lost before we were ready for this event;

Would I try to stop it, not caring what would change, who would be lost, as if to save them I was magically sent?

Would I know love that comes from loss, would I grow having never experiencing the pain?

Would I walk away from what I have now, to keep my health, free from my infliction most lame.


I do not know if I would risk what I have, but there are times that I was crushed, I know I would have to go,

But I would have to keep in mind the old saying, what I reap, then that I would sow.

Would it be a sin, to go back to save my brother the pain that no father should ever have in his heart,

Looking at it now, it would not be a question, I would leave for this boy I love, just how quickly I depart.


We as people do not understand the future as is understood in the hands of the divine,

But to be honest, I could care about that wisdom when something is taken that was mine.

Our lack of looking to the future, knowing how one event might cause such a damaging chain,

I think we would have to set back, give back the power, trust the divine, because the grief to not stop would make us go insane.

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