A Man’s View of Feminism

Our first memories are of being held in our mother’s arm,

Loved unconditionally, and sheltered from harm.

The scrapes kissed, our sorrows wiped away in her embrace,

In love she would look back at you, as you looked upon her face.


Bonding that started from the beginning in the womb,

Love then that then followed you to the tomb.

You never knew the fortune of having her until she gave up the fight,

Then to feel her embrace you would give up all, to feel her gentle might.


Later as you grew up in years, and moved to find your place in life,

You never felt complete, until you found this wonderful one, your wife!

When you first met her, oh the joy of discovery, as you went hand in hand,

Knowing you wanted to share all with her, you put on her finger a wedding band.


The excitement you had, when inside her grew a little life,

And the joy when you saw this little one, given to you by your wife.

You shared the moments watching your little ones as they discovered,

You then held each other for comfort, as your little ones from injury recovered.


You together watched your little ones grow, move out, and wed,

Then bring back grandchildren, who would wake you up, saying “grandpa get out of bed”.

You both grew old as you watched your family grow,

Rewarded as you watched the results of what you did sow.


At the end, you held her hand, as she gave up her last breath,

Knowing that your time was to short, when she was claimed by death.

She was the one you thought of, as you too took your last breath,

She was there waiting for you, as you moved past death.


With much sorrow, we find when it is too late, what we have missed,

The experience we lost, because we didn’t listen to the one we kissed.

Women aren’t to be subjected, to be trodden under,

But if walked with and treated as equals, will save us from many a blunder.


Seek out the young ones to remember the joy of life,

Ask the elderly for the advice, to save you from much strife.

Their outlook will allow you to see the different shades of gray,

Will help you to become more compassionate, as you go on your way.

Copyright ã 2006, Tim Benton

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