Out of the mist a voice spoke with a roar as thunder,

Sunlight broke out, causing the darkness to break asunder.

One saw a planet that was covered with mist, without a form,

Yet with one word the mist was torn away, as if by a storm.

You could hear water roar as land rose up out of the deep,

Then the land spit as mountains grew, as if with a great leap.

With a melody, the plants grew causing the land to turn green,

Oh the beauty of creation, yet never by man to be seen.

You hear the crickets singing, with the birds joining in song,

The horses braying, the elephants trumpeting along.

Then you hear the laughter of man, joined in by a great voice,

Saying, “I give you all this freely with love, by my own choice!”

Copyright ã 2006, Tim Benton

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