I come in many disguises, some are hard to detect,

Yet looking closely, you will find me in small ways if you take time to reflect.

I will come as a small whisper, to make you question all that is pure,

My power isn’t by actions, it’s by thought, and this much is sure.

All that is good, I will twist until it fits into my mold,

If I can turn you, I will; I really wish to bring you into my fold.

Let me envelope you, causing you to see all through my mist,

Then I will control all your life with a tight held fist.

I am ancient; I’ve been around since before the beginning of time,

I’ve captured the highest angels, and now I wish to make you mine.

My power is great; with my spirit you can have instant success,

It’s just the consequences are rather terrible, this I must confess.

Copyright ã 2006, Tim Benton

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