For Devlin
This is for my boy who along with my wife is my life!

The news struck you with awe, and yet caused great joy,

All you could think of was ‘I wonder, will it be a girl or a boy’.

You felt bad watching the morning sickness, wondering what can I do?

Yet knowing it would all be worth it when the waiting was through.

It all seemed unreal until the heartbeat was heard and the ultrasound seen,

You sat back and wondered, will he change my life and how much to me will he mean.

Joy, doubts, concern, and expectations, seemed to wash over you like a great wave with a roar,

Knowing you wanted to offer this little life all your love and so much more.

You start to realize how small and helpless will be this little life,

As you start reading all the books about babies with your wife.

You can’t believe how small the little outfits are, as you shop for you’re soon to be born son,

Bags full of items after a day of shopping, yet looking at the list you realize you have hardly started as the day is done.

As the time drew near, you would swear her belly grew by an inch each day,

And you would whisper to this little joy, as you both on the bed would lay.

She would grab your hand and place it on her belly, his movements you could feel with some force,

But then, what did you expect, he was going to be the strongest baby of course.

Finally the day came, as her contractions came closer together with more pain,

In the hospital you tried to comfort her, yet feeling helpless, you felt quite lame.

Then the doctor came in with a blur of motion, saying the head was crowning as he started to help,

Not knowing what to expect, you were overcome with emotion as you heard the first cry or yelp.

Then it dawns on you, ‘My God, my work is just beginning’ as you hold your newborn screaming baby boy……………

Copyright ã 2006, Tim Benton

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