This poem was written to a wonderful old couple I knew. They were elderly when I met them, but were still so much in love they would still go for walks hand in hand. After he lost his wife I went on to write this poem. Today he has joined her in eternities great dance.


As you were dating you found out that you wanted to be with this one for life,

So one day you dropped on a knee and asked her to be your wife.

Your heart was so full it felt like it would explode, when she said yes that day,

You wanted to share with all your love for her as you went on your way.

The day you were married was chaotic and seemed to go by with a blur,

But it was all worth it when she went home with you to live, this much was sure.

Happiness and bliss filled the house, as with each other you had the chance to explore,

During your waking hours you hungered for each other, all you wanted was more.

The first year of discovery was wondrous to behold,

And then one day she came and told you, there was a little one coming into your fold.

The excitement you experienced as you watched the growth of this new little life,

Knowing they came from the act of love, made you fall more in love with your wife!

Staying up all night, feeding and changing diapers on your little one were not what you did expect.

But it made your feelings for your parents include admiration and respect.

The intimacy and time alone seemed a thing of the past during that first year,

All you could do was fall into the bed in exhaustion as the baby started to shed another tear.

Finally the baby slept the whole night through,

After you caught up with your sleep, into each other’s arms you flew.

Before you knew it you had another bundle of joy on its way,

At least you got to enjoy your time together for what seemed like one day.

As the children grew you found yourselves losing your time as you gave it to them,

Time alone with each other was a distant memory way back then.

You looked forward to having time alone again with longing and fear,

You knew they were growing up quickly, soon no longer their laughter you would hear.

Then came the day when the last one moved out on their own,

You forgot how peaceful and quite your home was when you were alone.

You found out that over the years each of you had changed with a slow pace,

Looking at your wife your realized she has grown older with beautiful grace.

It took time to realize that you needed time to again each other explore,

To get to know one another now that their wasn’t anyone in your house anymore.

You have seen others move on because of the love for each other, they had lost sight,

You knew that this would never happen to you without a fight.

As the years went past and your hair turned to gray,

The grandchildren came; you spoiled them, and sent them on their way.

The years seemed to go by quicker, until it seemed like each one flew by,

Until the day came for you to go, it was her looking at you with love as you gave your last sigh.

You waited for her to be called home as she lived out the last of her life,

You couldn’t wait to be reunited with this wonderful one, your lovely wife.

You stood patiently waiting as your family stood around as death knocked at her door,

You were the first she seen as on to eternity you both did sore!

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