In the past you’ve heard of the need for purity of race amidst the clatter of leather boots marching in goosestep,

A tyrant preaching madness, as mothers for their lost children wept.

In our land they called the natives savages, as they killed whole tribes,

And tried to convert the ones left, with violence, relocation and bribes.


Crosses burning, as men covered in white sheets chanted,

Trying to convert others, as with words of madness they ranted.

Families huddled in fear, as they spewed out their hate,

Cry for the little ones, and the innocent, when the police arrive late!


People were persecuted for following a different religious creed,

And for their beliefs, they were left in a field, cut open to bleed.

Others accused of being witches were burned at the stake,

While others died, while being dunked in a lake.


Prejudice knows no boundaries of color or creed,

Ignorance and superstition is on what it feeds.

These cycles of violence will never be overcome,

Until we all come together against hate, united as one!

Copyright ã 2006, Tim Benton

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