The cleric walks by the child, whom is hungry needing some food,

He ignores him because he believes his beliefs are rather lewd.

Let me preach at you, trying to convert you, yet ignore your needs,

Because this makes me feel better, superiority is on what my piousness feeds.

The Protestant fights Catholic; over for whom God has the most love,

While the God they fight over, is crying, watching from up above.

Let’s watch the Christians fight Jew over who is following the right way,

And for a little excitement let’s throw the Islamic into the fray.

Don’t forget the Shinto’s and Buddhist monks, the teachers of false truths,

We will tear apart their beliefs; we are the religious sleuths.

We never lift up others; we only get satisfaction from tearing down,

“How could he believe such foolishness’, what a clown”!

It’s always easier to bring down others, then to look inside,

Because if the person looked within, then from this truth he couldn’t hide.

Why do we waste all our time, trying to prove ours is the only way,

When instead we could learn from what another has to say.

Copyright ã 2006, Tim Benton

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