The drums are pounding, let’s get dressed up for battle,

Let’s draw up our lines, and make the sabers rattle.

Bring out the young men, in their prime of life,

Take away their dreams, in a moment of strife.

Let the strong overcome the weak, with the havoc of war,

Watch the birds of prey, as over the battlefield they soar.

We will justify all, to make our conflict seem just,

Because to win, we shall do all that we must.

As time passes, our ability to declare war will become more deadly and quick,

The means is ours to dispose of whole armies, and to cure our sick.

Yet with all of our advances, and the knowledge amassed over the passage of time,

We have still never changed the things that need it most, our hearts and minds.

Even though wars will be fought to protect the innocent and weak,

The only way to stop war is to open the truth for all to seek.

Respect, love, and understanding, will turn swords into plowshares,

And will enrich all lives, as we embrace these truths, and with others share!

Copyright ã 2006, Tim Benton

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