New Books in the Works

With the first book out, and sales starting to slow down, I am now working on two new projects. The first is a fantasy, it is set up in the early 1970’s where three brothers and a sister go into a world that in many ways is a parallel of ours, the parents are exactly the same as the ones in this world, so are the siblings, the people around, even the historical characters of the day. There is still the cold war, in fact if you walked into that world you would see much is the same, well that is until a dragon flew over head. See in this world, they have mechanical, but magic also is in that world. This is a story of the children learning to survive, lean on one another, and the fight to control them due to the fact that in crossing, they bring with them great magic, something the world desperately wished to get their hands on and control. This book is almost done, just finishing up the last two chapters and then off to corrections it goes. Hope to have it published next year.

The book is called at the point” Through a Glass Darkly (although the title might change).


The second book I just started working on, it will most likely not be done for another year, that is a book on the end of times, yes, another book on Revelations, the rise of the Anti-Christ, and the great tribulation. Being a huge fan of Techno-Thrillers like the late Tom Clancy and others, you will see elements of this in the book, you will also see faith triumph over what seems like impossible odds. I am leaning right now towards calling this The Calling of The Apocalypses, this will be the first book in a series.


And I am still gathering material, have been doing it for years, about the situation in Israel, the problems between them and the Arabs. I will delve into the historical documents, show where much of what we have been told is not the truth, and show what the real truth is. Israel is in a fight for her life, today much of the world stands against her, but she will prevail, this is a story that was told 2,500 years ago starting in Babylon with Ezekiel, you can see writings from Isaiah, and then on to the John the prophet in Revelations. I will show not only what is going on right now, but what to expect in the future.


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