The Sound of the Trumpet

This is just exerps from my first chapter and the second, please read and send me any idea’s or questions you may have.

Also, remember it is not yet edited, and I am only sharing about 2 pages from chapter one and another from Chapter 2.

Chapter 1

The Mediterranean off the coast of Israel.

Just as he heard the rumble of Jets approaching flying out of Israel he looked down at his personal counsel and saw an action message coming in from the Israeli communication center, it had one short message, “Debora”. As he felt his pulse quicken he looked up hearing the Jets roar overhead, he turned to his anti-air station and told the ensign to be ready to turn on the Anti-Missile defense systems. In less than five minutes after they heard the roar of the Jets, yet getting no radar return, he turned to the man and said system hot, then turned to the radar officer looking at him confused and said, “Adir”, this got a look of surprise, the Adir or F35 was Israel’s most prized possession, and to be using them, mean they were also using their new stealthy Anti-ship missile, a project they had worked on in secret, and only a few knew of. The officer along with the captain had knowledge of the weapons system, but only in the last couple of days.

“Set system to automatic,” the Captain told his air defense operator, “Put settings to environmental protection mode!” This not only protected the ship but also protected the Adir jets that were now racing back towards Israel, their path back home taking them right over the ship. No sooner did the switch get thrown then you could hear the ‘swish, bang’ again and again as Tamir rockets flew out of their containers, they were part of the C-Dome system patterned after the famous land version of Iron Dome. The missiles shot at the Adir jets weak return were soon shot out of the sky, with all the Jets flying back to the safety of their air bases.

Next he turned to his offensive weapons officer and told him, “Weapons release, fire alpha pattern now!” As the officer turned a key, the ship rumbled with missile after missile leaving their containers on the ship, quickly turning over by their directional rocket thrusters they seemed to sit still for a second then shot off in the direction the Adir’s had just returned from, the two sets of Gabriel V rocket triple launchers were empty. In just seconds, the smoke drifting over the ships. Then putting the ships of military power, they headed towards the enemy armada heading towards them.

At the receiving end of the missiles being fired, the armada was already in a state of confusion, all but one resupply ship was sinking, the surprise attack attack from the Adir’s stealthly anti-ship missiles surprised them. Smoke hung in the air with the crackle of flame and explosions as ordinance in the ships were lit up, all around this hellish scene were disabled and sinking Iranian and Turkish ships. One of the first ships hit in the attack was the command ship, TCG Gaziantep, first taking a strike from an Israeli torpedo right under the hull, breaking the hull and sending her to the bottom of the sea, as sailors watched in horror it sent shock waves through the Turkish command. At the same time multiple missile hits had homed in on the Iranian Sahand class ship Sayyed Ali Khamenei, leaving her dead in the water, then a torpedo fired from a second Israeli Dolphin finished the job, sending her to the bottom of the sea following the Gaziantep. As the subs pulled away, two more dolphins were silently waiting, when their fellow countrymen were fleeing, they sat and fired torpedoes at the Iranian two Kilo subs chasing the Dolphins, the attack was so sudden the Iranian subs did not even have time to react before they too were joining the ships on the death ride. One dolphin was tragically taken out when a Turkish sub, a new stealthy German type 214, fired a torpedo at the two fleeing dolphins. Although the dolphin was lost, it managed to fire off a torpedo that made sure the Turkish sub followed it to its death.

In just minutes the two command ships of both navies were sinking, other ships were burning in place, both the Iranian and Turkish Armada’s had been stopped in their place. Defeated they stopped, then turned around picking up survivors, in just minutes they were done, with the opening round won by Israel.

Israeli/Lebanon Border

The Trucks pulled into the clearing outside of Kafer Gal’adi parked about 30 feet from each other, then set up a cover to keep prying eyes from above from seeing what they were doing. One of the little known facts was that Hezbollah had obtained sophisticated drones from Iran and now had Iranian military in Lebanon helping Hezbollah operators read what they were seeing. Israel continued this setting up another set of trucks in Ramot Naftali, Alma, Shamera, Eilon, Yaara, Shlomi, and Kfar Rosh Hanikra. This was then repeated along Gaza and the whole border with Syria, then they set up multiple control units in the West Bank Bases. As the attacks against the armada commenced the call was sent to Hezbollah, and quickly communications was passed down the line to commanders who started to wheel out launchers, tens of thousands of them to fire at Israel.

Unknown to them, Israel had already had these sites under surveillance, and as they started to roll out launchers, stealth Heron drones let lose missiles from internal weapons bays that quickly caused massive explosions where once there was a hurried effort trying to get rockets ready to fire at Israel. Of the first wave, the drones took out over seventy percent of the launchers, the explosions making almost all the sites unusable. But to be sure an Israeli intelligence officer quickly looked over what was left, and either had the drones move on or fire a much larger missile at the hardened shelters where they reloads were stored. While they were unable to take out the hardened sites, they able to disable them long enough to take them out of action. Then the Adir’s that had returned from the strike against the Turkish/Iranian strike force roared through and took out the air defense sites with anti-radar missiles, turning their air defense into a shambles. With a roar the F15’s and F16’s came through and started bombing strategic sites, quickly ending the threat that Hezbollah posed to Israel, or at least throwing them into disarray for the few day they would need to deal with the massive Iranian army marching towards the Israeli border through what used to be Iran and then though Syria, and the other massive army group marching from Turkey through Lebanon. Lebanon was in no position to oppose the Turkish army, so they let them pass in through their border at Krak des Chevaliers, they were welcome at the border by Palestinians welcoming them in, passing out cakes and cheering as they passed, they knew soon their deliverance from the hated Zionist would be at hand.

Deep inside Lebanon

Flying at treetop level the two black hawk helicopters kept under radar as they flew deeper and deeper into enemy territory. The craft were not easy to see in the first place, they were exact copies of the stealth Blackhawks (the Israeli’s called them silent Yanshuf) that had been used in the raid to kill Osama Bin laden, and with their special designed rotor blades, they flew with a fraction of the noise a normal Blackhawk made. But there was one tradeoff for the silence and stealth, the craft were sluggish, not able to move as well due to loss of power because of the silence blades. The pilot could not help thinking that this was a great trade off, better than getting fired on.

When they had flown to a mountain top, the men got out and unloaded two canisters of Missiles, then jumped just as quickly back into the helicopters and headed back towards safety. Before they had left though, they had turned a key, a light quickly went from red, to yellow, and then to green, showing it had now established a link to the communications center and would be on standby mode to go active when it received a signal from fighters fleeing back overhead towards Israel. It would be able to be steered towards Jets when needed by the AEW, or the flying radar planes, when it spotted Jets flying towards it or after Israeli Jets, this gave them the ability to set up a picket of missiles to protect themselves and would give the enemy little or no time to defend against the missiles after they were fired.

On the Jordan Free Syrian Border

Iranian Major General Edris Majidi looked over towards the Jordanian border as he approached the Check point. His command stretched out behind him, six divisions in addition to one of the Revolutionary Guard, something everyone in command got used to, could not do much without the religious leaders having a sizable force to keep an eye on his command. The gate on the Jordanian side opened and a Jordanian General stepped through, he saluted him, then offered his hand, took an envelope out of his side pocket and handed it the Iranian General. He opened it and looked back at him with disdain, realizing that he was talking to a traitor to his own king, for now the revolt was in full swing, the radical elements were in the middle of killing everyone loyal to the royal house in Jordan and killing King Hussein, a living descendent of Mohammed. But as much as he found it distasteful, he knew it had to be done.

“So is it done?” The General Majidi asked his counterpart.

“When I left they had killed the king, he wife and the rest of the family, but his son, the crown prince, we could not find.” The General Momani replied.

“How are the Palestinians reacting?” asked General Majidi, knowing that on a good day the Palestinians could be a troublesome people, even to the Arabs there were unpredictable.

“They are dancing, saying the time of deliverance is at hand. Right now we have two army groups made up of Palestinian volunteers, they are most anxious to join in our adventure,” general Momani told him happily, “The one way to keep them happy is to let them know that they can kill the people that stole their lands!”

“That is good, but I want as of now to stop with the lies, no land was ever taken, we both know this, it was only brought up to fight Zionism. I think it is time we stop the lies, be honest with ourselves, even if we cannot be with the world. We are here to take this blight off of Muslim land, something that has brought the Muslim world shame since 1948, but that soon shall change.” General Majidi replied, tired of the lies, but then added to change the subject, “So how many army groups are willing to join us in our fight against the Zionist?”

“There are two groups that will not join, we are dealing with them right now. Seems they are not willing to join the greater good, the fight to rid the world of Zionism and to set up the world so the Imam Mahdi can rise up and help us make Islam take its rightful place as master of the world,” The Jordanian General told him with a look of a zealot in his eyes.

General Majidi looked him over for a moment, his experience with zealots was they had no issue with placing his men in danger to promote their cause, something he would never allow. While he was a dutiful Muslim, he prayed when he was supposed to, fasted during Ramadan, gave his tithes to organizations that helped the less fortunate, read the Koran and followed the path laid out to all Muslims, it could be said he in many ways followed the Way of Allah better than most, but he never understood why people thought they had to help Allah, if he as all powerful as they taught he was, then why would he need the help of a mere mortal? That never made sense to him.

“So General, do you think the Zionist know of the change of heart of the military yet?” he asked his Jordanian counterpart.

“They have an amazing intelligence organization, so who knows, but they were surprised when I led the team against the Israeli embassy just prior to meeting you. They did not act like they were prepared or expected us to have done what we did.” The Jordanian answered him, but then added with a vicious smile, “I know Dairat al-Mukhabarat al-Ammah took the Israeli intelligence officer into their custody, I am sure they are nicely asking him questions as we speak!”

“Shall we get going, Allah willing, we have a big day ahead of us, may we make our nations, Allah, and our families proud. Today not only will Israel see the unity and greatness of the people of Islam, but they will tremble knowing one day that that we will turn our terrible righteous eyes on them too!

Chapter Two

Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

 “How many times have you been out here Professor Roberts,” his aid Devlin asked as they traveled down the road towards the Nabatean ruins.”

“My second time, the first time was when I had just finished up grad school and wanted to do some research on the cities that were part of the Petra trade routes,” Dr. Roberts informed him, “This place always amazed me. It was founded by a nomadic people, the king of them did not wish to be look at as a nomad, so he changed his name to reflect the Hellenistic culture of the time, this was when the Generals of Alexander had split up his empire, he did this to cement his power feeling this would give him more legitimacy.”

“Are you saying the people that built this were part of the Bedouins?” Devlin asked, thinking about his research of the ruins and not remembering in his research ever seeing or hearing about them laying down a city complex like this in the past.

“Actually the founder of this city and then later moved on to have his own smaller kingdom, but a kingdom that had a lot of wealth due to the spice trade, King Obodas, who was the father of the king that built this place up, he had died in a battle where another smaller kingdom tried to conquer them. His tomb is over there, right by the Temple complex!” Doctor Rodgers told him as he pointed out a picture of the ruins and pointed to a spot in the complex, “It was his son King Aretas III who later changed his name to King Aretas Philhellene, this can be found with coins that were from the same period, suddenly they went from the old type of minted coins in Nabataean Arabic to coins made up in Greek, and naturally with his name taking on the Greek name he had taken on. I think this was due to the sudden rise in power, and the fact that with the loss of the battle with the other side that killed his father, he suddenly became the ruler of a much larger kingdom. He had went from a ruler of a small area to suddenly he was the ruler of Damascus and much of what today is modern Syria!”

“In other words, nothing has changed in all these years, image is everything, when you do not have a great history, and you are absolute ruler, you can just make up your own past. Just like today you see rulers with no claim to the power they hold, so to make their position more acceptable to the people they are ruling over they pay the right people here, torture the ones that will not be bribed, and do away with the ones that are not to be trusted,” Devlin said, then looking over towards the Direction of Gaza then turning towards the West Bank he added, “Looks like two thousand and four hundred years later things have not changed that much, have they?”

“You may have a point there, but I would not voice it too loudly. Sometimes the perception of what the truth is, even if it is not the truth can and will put you in harm’s way, here more than anyplace,” The Professor told him, then added, “Years ago we had this same discussion with the Arabs, and my college at the time said the same thing, we ended up having to be rescued by the IDF. While what you say is the truth, a lie has been carefully laid out and presented to the world so long, the people here have begun to believe their own lie. To go and show they are not right in their belief can open yourself up to attacks. Might wish to be careful with your knowledge, not everyone is interested in it!”

“Yes, but shouldn’t the truth be stood up for at all times? You like to share your faith, I have been on the receiving end of it, and I think we can safely assume that lying is not one of the things that are ok, right?” Devlin asked him.

“To force the truth down the throat of the unwilling is not sharing the truth, it is being confrontational,” Dr. Rodgers answered back, “The truth will come out, it always seems to find a way even if you are trying to hide it, but do it at the time where the truth will do the most good, not the most damage. There is a difference between hiding the truth and knowing when to use it, which is called using your words wisely. I remember years ago a minister told me that having the truth is knowledge, knowing when to use it that is called wisdom.”

Devlin turned and looked at the window as the desert slid past, while it was all barren with little vegetation, it was still beautiful in its own way. He thought about what his professor said to him, and had to admit he was right; sometimes if you are searching for it, truth can be wonderful. But if you are not, it can bare your soul and make you feel like you had your insides ripped out. Truth can cause people to change when they are ready for it in their lives, if not then they will attack to keep it at bay. The worst can be people that have lived a life based on a lie, they will react violently for daring to expose them, and here they will kill you here for daring to speak it. The sad thing is many times they are not hiding from it, they have never known the truth, so in exposing the truth you are tearing down the walls they have built up. He thought for a moment, said to himself, “Enough of the deep thoughts”, then turned his attention towards the stark beauty of the desert outside.

As they came up near the ruins, the road stopped, you did not need to disturb and destroy them with vehicles, then his professor then turned toward him and asked, “Tell me what similarities you see between this temple compound and the one in Jerusalem on Temple Mount?”

“The first would be the obvious, they are both built on uneven hilly terrain, so they built up the base where it is even with the ground level on the far in, and here, you can see the steps rising up the sides, they must go up a good twenty feet, that is why the stairs are on this site to give access to the temple area!”

“Correct, that is what you see all over the Middles East, large foundation stones, then followed up by buildings on top the flat structure.” The professor said, then added, “What is more amazing is if you look at the tools they were using then, and look at that perfection they achieved, stone blocks laid together with such precision that you could not fit a paper in between the cracks, something seen that has lasted until now in larger foundation stones in Jerusalem and even larger yet in Lebanon in the temple ruins in Baalbek. What is amazing is today’s engineers could not move that size of stone, let alone cut it and then move to a site with such precise cuts.”

“If our engineers with modern equipment could not move them, then how did they?” Devlin asked, confused thinking about man with primitive stones doing such work.

“I wish I could tell you, but you will find this here, then go to South America and high in the mountains in Peru were they have a city in the mountains with the similar stone work, but there it is even to a finer degree, almost as if ancients had a technology that has been lost over time.”

Just as the finished unpacking the gear from their car, they heard a vehicle racing down the old dusty road they had just traveled, and judging by the dust thrown up behind the vehicle, it must have been traveling at a high speed. As it came around the corner, they saw a military vehicle, Israel’s version of the HUMVEE, the Sand Cat whip around the corner, screech to a halt, and an officer of the Israeli military jumped out. Running up to them in a breathless voice said with his Israeli accented English, “Please, I need you to follow me into town where you will be safe.”

“Safe?” Devlin asked startled, looking suddenly full of fear.

“Yes, war has just broke out, we just got word of a great battle at sea against Turkish and Iranian naval ships, they are turning back, but now the news just broke that two armies are marching towards us, one a Turkish Army group, the other a Iranian with Jordan joining!” The officer explained as he helped them quickly put their equipment back in their vehicle.

“Jordan? I thought you two were allies!” Doctor Rodgers said, then asked, “What happened?”

“Not sure, just got word that there was a cue, they overthrew the Royal family, slaughtering them all as far as we know.” The officer explained, “Then the Jordanian military pledged support to the Islamic unity of government of Turkey and Iran. They are now marching together towards our borders.”

“Ah, so it is happening!” The professor said with a smile on his face, “You do know that this was foretold!”

“Foretold? You mean the news people talking about the possibility of this happening?” The officer asked while Devlin nodded in agreement with him.

“No, long before there was television. To be exact over two thousand six hundred years ago a Jewish prophet in exile in Babylon told of this happening,” The professor told the two men, as they finished packing all the equipment back in the car, “Not only did he describe who that they would be attacking, but went on to tell how the battle would end. Tell you what, we need to get into town and the safety of the defense systems protecting the cities, how about we finish this conversation there.”

The officer was genuinely intrigued, and agreed to this, so they jumped in their vehicles with Devlin driving following the army vehicle and headed back into town.

After a few moments Devlin turned towards him mentor and asked, “You are a doctor in archeology, you have seen how the scientific evidence, and that many times what we see and what the holy books say are not in agreement. So how can you believe in that superstition and be a man of science?”

Devlin was quit the whole trip back and kept looking out the window then grabbing binoculars he had to look towards the sky above the border of Egypt. Dr. Roberts watched him fidgeting for a while then asked if he was OK.

“I’m fine, just know by all the articles I have read that the enemies of Israel have tens of thousands of rockets aimed at her, and many of those rockets they say could be filled with poisonous gas, so I’m, just worried,” Devlin answered.

“You are right, seems with Hezbollah, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Qatar, and the other Arab nations aliened against Israel one has to wonder how they have survived this long,” the Professor answered him, then added, “But this is nothing new to Israel, in the 1948 war of “War of Independence” as the Israeli’s call it or the “Catastrophe” as the Arabs have named it, the Israeli’s armed with second hand arms fought and defeated the Arab legion of Jordan, the Lebanese, the Egyptians, Syrians, Saudi Arabians and other Arabs that come to destroy her and fought them to a standstill. Later in the 1967 war Israel fought the combined might of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, the Saudi Arabians, and all the Arabs but Iraq and defeated them in six days, thus you have the six day war. In 1972 they defeated the Arabs again, so I do not think we should be too worried.”

“Yes, but did they have tens of thousands of rockets aimed at them and the world screaming for her destruction?” Devlin asked.

“Considering they were coming to Israel and facing professionally led Armies with British Officers commanding them, I would say they have each time faced armies that should have overwhelmed them on paper, but in the end the Jewish ingenuity took over and they were able to turn the tides of war in their favor. People can say that they would have not won the 1972 war, but the reality is they had won that war before the US sent any resupplies while the Russians were rushing up equipment as fast as they were being destroyed, so yes, Israel has not only faced obstacles like this, but even worse in the modern age, and that is not bringing up ancient battles that Judah won that they should have never had a chance, in the end they were defeated and ultimately dispersed to all corners of the earth. But remember, they are the only people to be relocated from their land not once but twice and come back both times to restart their country. If I were a betting man, I would never bet against her,” the professor told him with a smile.

Just then they reached into town, the car they were following screeched to a stop, the officer ran back to them, as they got out of the car, he asked if they had listened to the radio, then looked incredulously at them when the professor said no.

“With us at war, how could you not listen, are you not worried about your safety?” The Israeli officer questioned further.

“I do not know about Devlin, but personally I know all will be OK,” the professor told him with a smile.

“OK? Did you not hear, we have Iran, Turkey, and all their allies marching on us right now!” the officer replied with a worried look on his face.

“I know what their intent is, but I also know that this battle was talked about over two thousand five years ago and the outcome is already told!” the Professor answered.

Both Devlin and the officer looked at him like he was crazy, Devlin could finally not stand it anymore and asked, “What do you mean foretold, where?”

“Glad you asked!” the professor answered, then reached down into his briefcase and pulled out a well-worn bible.

“A bible? That is what you are going to use as a source! How does that effect people like me who are atheist?” Devlin asked looking at him like he was crazy.

“That’s fine if you are an atheist, it still does not change what is stated, how it was foretold, by whom it was referring to, prophesy never needed belief to be completed. What is more intestesting, there has never been one prophecy that has been proven to be false, although some have yet to be fulfilled.” The professor answered.

“I heard this type of thing comes from more sources then just the Torah or the Christian holy books, , I heard that they have computers that can do that prophesy thing, they can tell what is going to happen in the future to a surprising high degree!” the soldier said.

“I’m not surprised, but tell me, how many times has it said that something would happen and it has not?” The professor replied.

“It is real easy to say that something is going to happen, then twist things to fit that story after the fact if you make it vague enough,” Devlin said.

“You are correct, but tell me, have you ever heard anyone say that a people who were dispersed all over the world would come back nineteen hundred years later, and it happened?” The professor asked, “Or that someone thousands of years before named the nations coming against Israel, and named exactly what the nations would be? While names may have changed in respect to boundaries, the people named have not, they are still there. If you look at the nations that are at war with Israel right now, they were name while the Ancient people of Judah were a displaced conquered people living in Babylon.”

“What do you mean?” Both men said at the same time.

“Let me show you!” the professor said, then opening his bible.



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